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Everyone is asking when the Large Mugs, Tea Mugs and Cups will be back in stock. The good news is they should be here by the end of July. AT LAST!

The bad news is that despite our best efforts, our suppliers haven't been able to fill our order again.

Daisy, Maple Blossom and Antique Kusa Large Mugs will not be in this shipment. All other mugs and cups will be coming, but in small quantities.

If you place orders now, and if the container arrives on time, we will ship your order in late July. If the container is delayed, we will ship your order after we get back from the Home & Giving Fair in Melbourne in mid August.

In either case, if you want to get your hands on mugs or cups, place your order now and get ahead of the trade fair orders.

Orders for out-of-stock items can be made by email, phone or fax. Sorry the website won't let you order items that are not currently available.