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Bushfire Support - After the fires

I think we all know that this year's Australian Bushfire season has got off to the worst start ever, and there is still a long way to go.

Personally, our family Christmas road trip plans were put off when pretty much every direction from Wollongong, whether it was down the south coast, or up to the mountains, was on fire, being evacuated, and worse.

Now that these areas, both coastal and mountain, are getting back to business, we're making a commitment to try and do as many little road trips as we can over the rest of the year. Visit our small town stockists, spend with them, not forgetting to keep buying from the bush and take our empty esky with us.

The small town gift shops, tea houses, cafes, pharmacies, and homewares stores in bush fire affected areas are our loyal and supportive customers and they in turn support their local communities with employment, service – and well needed cups of tea!

Let’s support them back.

Just a few of the great stores you could visit in recently fire affected areas:

World Par-TEA (Port Macquarie)

The Berry Tea Shop (South Coast NSW) image from The Berry Tea Shop

Eumun-Tea (South Coast, NSW)

Few & Far (South Coast NSW, Blue Mountains AND the Southern Highlands)

Blend@Tathra (South Coast)

Bygone Beauties (Blue Mountains)

Baillie Lodges (The lodge on Kangaroo Island has burnt down, but please visit one of their other properties)

If you are one of our stockists in a fire affected area and I missed you on my list, let me know! So much of Australia has been burned, and honestly I am so bad at geography, there could be many more of you I haven’t listed. I should probably go ahead and list all of our stockists because I’m sure everyone has felt the effects of the smoke and fires even if they’re not directly in an area that’s been burned.

We’re all in this together!

Bushfire Support - After the fires