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Sorry everyone! I know you've been waiting since Christmas for particular favourites to arrive in February. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, our February shipment has been pushed back until mid to late March. We're still waiting on confirmation of the exact arrival date, so I've listed items as due 31st March on the website as a (touch wood) worst case scenario.

We do still have plenty of other stock to keep us going for another month, just not the particular few things you were waiting for... Now is a great time to branch out and try some new designs while you wait.

If you want your order to be first out the door when stock arrives, put in your order now and we'll let you know the minute it gets here. You'll also be top of the waiting list should we pre-sell more than is on its way.

Thanks for your patience. I'm sure you all understand that business doesn't always flow quite as smoothly as planned...