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Let us send customers your way.

On a regular day I get several emails asking where to buy certain items people spot on our website, and I'll point them to their closest stockist. If there's no-one close I'll send them to a store I know has a good selection online.

In the past 2-3 weeks I've seen a definite increase in online enquiries. Reassuringly, people are staying home, and using their time to online-comfort-shop.

This week I've also seen more posts from stores that are setting up new online stores, or listing much more of their product online. Previously I know, it was a headache to gather the photos and write the listings, but now it may be all we've got.

We are happy to share any photos we have of our products for you to use on your own websites.

If you would like to link to our website (which doesn't show prices unless you are logged in as a retailer), your customers can browse our whole range and you can order in whatever they want.

And I will continue to point people in the direction of their local stockist, because even if it is online, it is best to buy local. You may even be offering free local delivery. So let us know your websites! Let us know if you deliver locally, or have any other special ideas to help your house bound customers. I would love to be sending as much business as I can your way.