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New stock is still arriving regularly here at J Style.

Covid-19 may have put a temporary dampener on business, but we order our stock 12-18 months ahead, so new designs are all still coming through.

The good news is that while our hearts skipped a beat in March, April saw a surge in demand for teapots and mugs. A comforting cup of tea is clearly what we all needed. May followed up with big interest in bowls. Particularly nice deep ramen bowls, perfect for a heart warming soup, or a satisfying home made bowl of noodles.

Cooking at home much more than usual has made many people realise just how good it can be to sit around the table with family. Having your own set of really nice bowls is so important to making it a special meal at home.

Picking up some fresh ingredients, googling a recipe or dusting off an actual cookbook, putting it all together and then sharing it with family served in a beautfully hand made Japanese bowl. That's the feeling we're all looking for right now.

Check out our new range of large ramen and noodle bowls here.

Botan design has sold out in other bowl sizes, and Quilt is also running very low, so they're the ones to grab first in this new size.