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What's happening 2020?

What IS happening 2020? It's been a crazy ride since March and who knows what will happen next? The Melbourne Gift Fair is cancelled, but the AGHA online Supplier Showcase launched yesterday. Check out our page!

J Style Supplier Showcase

Everyone's been asking about our supply. Yes, we delayed our usual "pre-Gift Fair end of July" shipment because the container wasn't full. Some of our suppliers in Japan had closed or slowed production while trying to provide a safe and physically distanced environment for their staff, and not everything we ordered was ready to go on time. So we thought the best thing to do was wait a month until it was all available. The trade fair was cancelled and half our stockists were closed anyway...

Well! It seems that since no-one can go away for a holiday they are spending their money at home on beautiful teapots for a comforting pot of tea, and splashing out on some nice dinnerware because they are all cooking at home. Or at least they want a nice bowl to tip their uber eats delivery into before settling down in front of a good movie on Disney +

So now - yes - supply is a little bit of a problem! You'll see a lot more things on the website have "back order ETA 1/9/20". Which at least means it is on its way! If you add any of these items to your order, or place a pre-order, we will let you know as soon as they arrive and you will get priority if stock is limited.

And I just want to say thanks to everyone for being so supportive and understanding while we get each other through these "uncertain times". In many ways our "new normal" is not as fun as the "old normal", but I think this big kick up the bum could help us make it a better normal!

What's happening 2020?