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Is 2020 nearly over?

I know deep down that 1 January 2021 won't really be any different to 31 December 2020, but we have to look forward to something right?

With less than a month until Christmas, this is a year we won't soon forget. With dire warnings of recession and job losses from our media and politicians, we were quite nervous about how this year would pan out.

Thankfully it seems with everyone stuck at home staring at their boring decor and eating at home with their old worn out dinner sets, this Christmas is turning into a busy one for gifts for the home.

Our little Japanese bud vases are flying out the door (well they do that every year), and we are seriously running short of teapots, cups and tea sets. Who doesn't need a nice cup of tea for comfort in times like these? Not to mention our ramen bowl shelf is practically empty and our classic blue and white Japanese dinnerware is disappearing faster than a beautiful plate full of karaage fried chicken.

And if you haven't watched every classic Disney movie 3 times each by now, you at least must be thinking of getting your sister a cute Pooh Bear Sleepy Mug for Christmas for her favourite tea with hunny.

Stock levels on the website are being updated several times a day to keep up, so if you see something you like, order now to avoid missing out.



Is 2020 nearly over?