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Frog and Tadpole Tea for Two Set UPDATE

Hey Frog Lovers!

I don't know if many of you will read this, because it seems you don't read a lot of the basic information on our website. Like where we are, and who we would ship to, and when an item will be in stock.

In September this year someone posted a link to our website on a Frog Lovers Facebook Group because we stock this adorable Frog & Tadpole Tea Set... and we were slammed with 40-50 emails a day from people, mostly in the US, that wanted to buy it from us. I replied to all to explain that we don't sell direct to the public, but they can try one of our stockists that may or may not be happy to post overseas.

There were quite a few Australian frog lovers messaging me too so I sent them off to their closest stockists who all sold out very quickly as did we.

We ordered as many Frog Tea Sets from Japan as we could, but again we sold out almost immediately. I'm pretty sure all of our Australian stockists have run out a while ago too.

Now it seems someone has posted a link to us somewhere on the interwebs again because I got 83 enquiries for the Frog Tea Set overnight from all over the world. And I'm sorry but I'm only replying to the Australian ones this time. I really don't want to be rude, but the rest of you (hopefully) will see this message if you come back wondering why I haven't answered your query.

J Style is based in Australia. We supply Australian and New Zealand retail stores with gifts and homewares we import from Japan. We do not sell direct to the public, and we definitely don't sell to individual buyers overseas. It's crazy to buy a Japanese product from Australia if you are in Europe or the US, or Chile, or Canada, or even South Korea! You are closer to Japan than us. Surely there is an importer that deals in Japanese teawares in South Korea that could help you?

I know we probably have great Google ranking for this Frog & Tadpole tea set and it might be hard to find closer to you, and it is utterly adorable, but I can't possibly reply to all these emails just to tell you we can't send it to you. I don't even have any in stock to send! And it says it right on the product listing that is not available until Feb 2021. It's the 21st of December and even if I had some, it would not get ANYWHERE by Christmas!

In February we should be receiving a huge pile of Frog & Tadpole tea sets and I will be sending them out to Australian retailers (thanks for all the pre-orders everyone!). If you contact me in say early March, I will point you to your closest stockist IN AUSTRALIA.

Until then, keep loving frogs, and please try and find somewhere closer to home to buy your Frog & Tadpole Tea Set!

Frog and Tadpole Tea for Two Set UPDATE