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Happy New Year to you all!

Keen eyed retailers may have spotted a sudden change to the ETA dates of our products on back order. Sadly it is a sign of the times. There is a severe shortage of container space on ships from Japan to Australia and that means our next container has been delayed - again - and while we have a new ETA of mid March, that is not even guaranteed.

We were very lucky last year with our shipments and managed to get quite a bit of stock, including a lot of the licensed Disney and Universal Studios products and lots of beautiful Japanese dinnerware and gift boxed tea sets.

We were not able to get all we wanted of some things, and you will see whole sections of our website are "on back order". Just don't even bother looking at colourful Japanese teapots, mugs and tea cups for a couple of months.

BUT - that is just one section of our range. There are still plenty of beautiful things available until the rest arrives in March (touch wood).

That said, with no new stock on its way for months, what we do have is running out fast. Don't say I didn't warn you if you find your favourite suddenly goes "on back order" too.

Please take note of whether an item is in stock or not when placing your order. Our website insists on a minimum order of $330 of IN STOCK items before the Checkout button will appear.

Pre-orders for out of stock items are more than welcome (and in fact encouraged if you want to get first dibs!). Just hit the Pre-order button and your full order will come through to me so I can set the stock aside for you and let you know as soon as it (finally) arrives.