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Advance Orders for May 2021 are now open!

Check the Advance orders menu to see all of the items available to pre-order.

Use the PRE-ORDER button instead of the CHECKOUT button to place an Advance order.

Orders must be placed and a 10% deposit paid by 31 March. We will send you an invoice for the deposit to confirm your order.

This is a new style of ordering for us, so we'd love your feedback on how it is working for you.

From our point of view, it gives us the opportunity to provide a much wider range of products, particularly licenced product by SunArt.

Some of our more internet savvy retailers have been cruising the interwebs and noticed that SunArt manufacture a huge range of licensed product that we don't regularly stock in Australia. It's sometimes available at extortionate prices on Amazon, but they wondered why we couldn't import more, so they could conveniently order it with the rest of their J Style order at wholesale prices.

Of course we can't just go ahead and order 2 each of whatever someone wants. We need to order minimum quantities and we need to have room in our warehouse for all that extra stock.

We've organised Advance Orders in the past by just talking to our most interested customers, but now we're putting it up on the website and opening it up to everyone.

On March 31 we will collate everyone's confirmed orders and place the order with our manufacturers in Japan. We expect the shipment to arrive in mid to late May, and when it does we will contact you to arrange payment of the balance and delivery to you. You may want to include some regularly stocked items in your order at that time.

Many of these items are new releases and stock is sometimes hard to get. If we're unable to order anything you wanted, we will refund your deposit straight away.

As I said, this is a new system for us, so we'd appreciate your feedback to make it work well for you. I've started off with 60 new SunArt products, and a few mugs from another manufacturer, but we can add to this for future orders. Of course if you do spot a SunArt product on Amazon that you're keen on sourcing, let us know and we'll see if we can add it to the list next time.

Any questions - give me a call!