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No trade fair for J Style in 2021

We might as well rip the bandaid off and tell you early... we won't be exhibiting at the Gift Fair in Melbourne in August in 2021.

Of course we love seeing all of our beautiful retailers in person and showing you our new product in real life... but even if the fair goes ahead this year, J Style won't be there.

Why??? There's a number of reasons. Basically with COVID-19 still around, and a pretty lack lustre attempt at vaccination rollout, there's a risk it won't go ahead, or worse, we'll be put in a short lockdown half way through and end up stuck on the wrong side of a state border.

It's a big investment to exhibit at the fair and we need to be sure we'll get the traffic and benefit from the cost. I'm hearing a lot of retailers telling me they won't risk travelling interstate to the fair for the same reasons we're unsure about it.

The Gift Fair size is drastically reduced this year (two halls are being taken up by the Lume Art Gallery Exhibition) and the space we were offered was very small. If we're going to exhibit, we want to do it properly in a full size fair with a full size stand.

We can't keep up with orders as it is! We're super grateful to everyone who has embraced ordering on our website instead of in person, and our stock is running out faster than we can get more in the country. It would be weird to show you samples at the trade fair that you can't order because we've already sold out.

So this year we'll be concentrating on getting as much stock as we can, letting you know about it online and through our newsletter (sign up here!) and planning to see you all in person in 2022!



No trade fair for J Style in 2021