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One week till Christmas woo hoo!

One week until Christmas Eve when Santa will be on his way, flouting international quarantine and flying in to distribute some well needed cheer.

What a year 2021!

But as always, the next year will roll around with a new set of surprises and challenges and off we go again.

Thank you to all of our wonderful stockists for putting up with stock delays and shortages and hanging in there to support us all year. We'll continue to do our best to get you the beautiful ceramics you need for your stores and - maybe (touch wood) - even get over to Japan to source some new and exciting things next year!

If we don't make it there in person, we are so happy to have strong relationships with our suppliers in Japan who have been great at sending photos and organsing things at their end without us able to be there this year. We really rely on their support too!

Looking forward to less exciting times in 2022.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

One week till Christmas woo hoo!