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New Stock More Often!

We're changing the way we do things. For the past 18 years we've brought in new ranges and new designs in February and August each year to coincide with the AGHA Trade Fairs and printing our paper catalogue twice a year. It's a big investment to exhibit and to print that catalogue so we want to make the most of it and hit you with all the new things at once.

BUT... more and more of our stockists look to our website to order, new retailers find us on the internet, and you all want new things MORE OFTEN.

So, we listened and that's what we're doing.

We'll still exhibit at the trade fairs, and we'll probably still print out a paper catalogue twice a year for a few more years yet. What's changing is that with every container of stock we bring in, we will bring in something new. They might be small runs, they might be limited stock, or they might be the beginning of a classic range that sticks around for years.

Whatever it is we will let you know via our newsletter when the new goodies arrive, so make sure you're signed up for that.

And keep popping back to our website to check out what's fresh off the boat this month.

P.S This month it is Japanese Ramen Noodle Bowls. Check them out!
New Stock More Often!