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Why can't I see the prices?
J Style is a wholesale business supplying retailers and restaurants across Australia and New Zealand. You must have a retail store or restaurant to Register to buy on our website. Once you have registered you will be able to login and see the wholesale prices, check stock availability and place wholesale orders online. If you want to buy for yourself, please contact your closest stockist on the Stockist List, or contact us and we can tell you the closest stockist of a particular item. 

Dishwasher & microwave safe?
All of our Japanese made ceramics are dishwasher and microwave safe. This includes bowls, plates, dinnerware gift sets, ceramic spoons, cups and mugs.

We do not recommend washing teapots in a dishwasher as "bits" and grease from other dishes can get stuck in the spout. We also do not recommend using them in the microwave as the shape of a teapot can cause uneven heating. The metal infuser and wire handles on teapots should never be microwaved. In any case microwaved tea is gross. Don't do it.

Disney, Universal Studios and other licensed ceramics are designed in Japan and manufactured in China. We recommend hand washing and no microwave for these collectable items.

Do you ship to the US?
J Style is based in Australia. We import goods from Japan to supply retailers and restaurants in Australia and New Zealand. Please find a local importer of Japanese goods to help you.

Can I visit your store?
J Style is a wholesale business and we do not have our own store or showroom. Our warehouse is full of boxes and forklifts and not very interesting to look at. If you're looking for somewhere to buy our products near you, check our Stockists page and support your local retailer. They would love to see you in their stores!

Are your products from Made in Japan?
Our products are made in Japan but they are not from the store Made in Japan in Melbourne. They just have a brilliant store name that must save them a lot on product stickers because the "Made in Japan" sticker is already right there on the product. If you see a Made in Japan sticker on our products, that is because they are literally made in Japan, not because they are from the Made in Japan store in Melbourne.