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About Us

J Style is an importer and wholesaler of Japanese gifts, accessories and homewares, based in Australia.

J Style is owned and operated by Sam & Jennifer Idosaka. We are based in Wollongong, just south of Sydney on the east coast of Australia. From here we supply to retailers and restaurants across Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific.

J Style started in 1999 after we moved to Australia from Japan. Trying to fit out our new home we discovered a terrible lack of decent teapots (none had proper infusers, and they all dribbled when we poured). There was no crockery suitable for preparing and serving Japanese style food at home. Overall Australian tableware was pretty bland and all came in sets designed to serve meat & three veg all on one plate.

Sam, being from an area of Japan that is home to some of the most skilled ceramicists in the world, knew just who to call in such a crisis.

So that's how J Style started.

Over the years we have moved on from ceramics to all things Japanese, and Australia has moved on too. There are now many more noodle bowls, chopsticks and sushi plates available. We Aussies are getting used to the idea of eating raw fish and seaweed for lunch. You'll still need to call J Style if you want a good fine infuser included with your teapot, and Australians are still way behind the Japanese when it comes to filling their kitchens with a truly broad range of ceramics in every size, shape and colour. Why must we have matching dinner sets? Where is the fun in that?

Our philosophy is still to find the things we miss from Japan, and bring them to Australia to share with everyone. Things we think are really useful and handy to own. Things that are lovely and gorgeous and ooh! why don't they ever sell those here? Things we love to own ourselves and think you will love too.