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No Fair!

It's No Fair for J Style in February. We will not be exhibiting at the AGHA Gift Fair for the first time since 1999! I'll miss the catching up and seeing everyone, the chatting with our fellow exhibitors, the 40 degrees heat and stormy humidity of Sydney during set-up... OK I won't miss that. But what about the week away from home and eating out with friends every night? It's a sacrifice.

So why aren't we there? Well, times are a-changing folks. You all know better than me that the way we do retail has changed, and trade fairs aren't the only way to find new product anymore. While our exhibition in Melbourne goes great guns every year before Christmas, February just isn't that exciting. More often than not you all order in the two weeks before the fair and when we see you at the fair it's just to say, "Hi! Thanks for the order last week! How are the kids?". If I find a new stockist, they turn up with a print out from my website and a list of what they want to order all ready to go.

Hence we've gone Konmari on our exhibitions. February has not been sparking joy and it has been ditched.

What HAS sparked joy is that despite no longer being allowed to advertise in the Gift Fair Magazine - you have not forgotten us! I am more busy in this first half of February than I was last year, AND I don't have to plan or pack for a trade fair. It's bliss!

I'll be spending my spare time sending a bit more information out to you via the newsletter, Facebook and Instagram. We have a lot of new product coming in and we're no longer saving it up to show you at trade fairs, so keep an eye out! We'll see you next in Melbourne!

No Fair!