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NEW Stock Arriving Soon * Pre-order NOW

New stock is arriving next week, so I've uploaded it all to the website in anticipation. You can place orders now and we will ship them as soon as the stock arrives and the container is unpacked.

We already have a lot of pre-orders lined up and waiting to be shipped, so new orders will still take a few days to get to.

If you've been waiting for back orders I will be emailing you all this week so that you can get your orders ready and we can put you on the waiting list ready to pack as soon as the stock arrives.

This is the last shipment before Christmas, so once this stock sells out the next lot won't be coming until February next year. If you would prefer later delivery but don't want to miss out, please place your order online now and let us know your preferred delivery date in the comments. We're more than happy to spread out our packing schedule and ship when it suits you.

NEW Stock Arriving Soon * Pre-order NOW