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New Stock arriving from Japan

Only a bit over a week away now. Brand new stock from Japan, and plenty of top ups of things that have sold out.

AND - university has closed down so we have extra hands on deck and should have the container unpacked in no time and ready to ship to you. Our only change to operations at the moment is that we can't shake hands with the courier when he picks up the stock. Direct Freight has asked us (and you) to keep 1.5 metres away from the driver and just shout out your name instead of signing for the delivery.

I've seen lots of positive and proactive posts online from our stockists taking steps to protect their staff and customers. You may be selling more online now, so if you would like to use any photos of our products feel free to snitch them from our website, or let me know and I'll email you anything I've got.

We made it through the Global Financial Crisis and we'll make it through this too. I'm hoping that a bit of extra time at home will give people a reason to nest, decorate, cook at home more and snuggle down with a cup of tea. All things that would be much more comforting with a dose of beautiful Japanese ceramic dinnerware and teaware.

New Stock arriving from Japan