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Yes! Our stock is ALMOST ready to start shipping, so I have uploaded the incoming stock onto the website and it is all up to date. You can now see what is here, and what will be here by the end of the year. AND... what won't be here until next year. Check the ETA dates on items that are out of stock to see when you can expect them to be available.

If you see an item listed as due next year and you've ordered it - Don't Panic! The reason it's not available for new orders until next year is that I've already put it aside for YOU.

Invoices will be sent this week and we are preparing the warehouse to be all geared up for packing orders like crazy for the next few weeks.

There have been SO MANY delays with this shipment it is an utter relief to finally have it arriving. That said, I know a lot of our stockists are probably rolling their eyes at me, because having a shipment delayed is really not the worst thing that I could be dealing with. All I had to do was take a deep breath and wait... and wait... and apologise to people for making them wait...

Thanks for all your patience. Now let's open up our businesses (carefully), get some stock in, and go gang busters for Christmas!