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Our August stock was delayed until September and ended up arriving in October, then our October stock was delayed until November, but might actually get here in October now!

BUT - that means we have stock up to our ears and a pile of invoices all needing to be shipped NOW because you've all been WAITING.

Please be assured we are sorting and packing as fast as we can, but it will take some time. In particular we have a huge amount of pre-booked orders that have ben waiting for months and they deserve to have their orders shipped first.

If you place an order in October, it could take up to 2 weeks for us to get to yours. I will send your invoice so you can get that sorted and as soon at is paid you will be in the queue.

If you have back orders, but not a full order, I'm sorry I'm leaving those notifications for a bit until we catch up and can actually promise to ship your new order in a reasonable time frame. We haven't forgotten you and the stock will still be on hold so you get priority.

Thanks for your understanding!