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And now. The end is near...

We are counting down the time until the end of 2020.

A year when we thought we'd be celebrating the Tokyo Olympics and getting all excited about Japanese things because of that spotlight, turned out to be a year like no other. Off to a rocky start and it just got rockier, but somehow we got through it... kind of okay...? I hope you all did too! And now here we are at the end and looking forward to a much more positive 2021.

We had some trouble getting stock, so now our stock levels are lower than I've ever seen them at the end of the year. The warehouse shelves are all but bare! And yet somehow what's left is still some of our most popular and best selling product. We just happened to luck out and get more of those things and less of others that ran out. So don't fear that you are only getting the dregs if you order now. It's all good stuff!

We don't usually bring a container January, so the next one is due in February, and it's a bit of a wait until new stock arrives. If you're worried about missing out, you can always put in a pre-order and we'll set the stock aside so you get first dibs.

J Style will be closed from 21/12/20 - 17/1/21. We certainly could do with a break, even if it will be spent at home, where we've been working all year, and... at least we're near the beach and it looks like there'll be plenty of WA rock lobsters and local wine on the menu this year! Looking on the bright side!

Stay safe and well everyone. See you in 2021!



And now. The end is near...